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Къща за гости "Сава Купеца", с. Жеравна

Предлагаме ви да прекарате една пълноценна почивка в Жеравна, като поживеете няколко дни далеч от градската суета и суматоха, в една зареждаща ви с енергия комбинация от автентична възрожденска обстановка, съвременен лукс и чист планински въздух. Къща за гости "Сава Купеца" - Жеравна ви предлага целогодишно домашен уют и атмосферата на селския живот.

Guest house Sava Cupetsa, Jeravna The village of Jeravna is situated on an altitude of 650 m above sea level within the central part of the Balkan mountains (Stara planina), in the municipality of Kotel, 6 km from the main road Omurtag – Petoluchkata. [see on map»]
1. Transport connections- busses
– Kotel and Sliven;
2. Railway stations
- Sliven;
3. Airports
- Varna and Sofia.
4. Distances
- from Jeravna to Kotel – 14 km;
- from Jeravna to Sliven – 50 km;
- from Jeravna to Varna – 200 km;
- from Jeravna to Veliko Tarnovo – 110 km;
- from Jeravna to Sofia – 330 km.

Guest house Sava Cupetsa, Jeravna  The village of Jeravna is one of the world architectural monuments. Nowadays, there are about 200 fully preserved houses, registered as monuments of the national culture, each of them 150 – 300 year old. During the Renaissance the village was one of most important cultural centers in Bulgaria. The Chilendar convent was built here serving as e refuge for the Chilendar monks and a knowledge and literacy center at the same time. The second copy of the famous "Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya" (Slavonic-Bulgarian History) by St. Paisius of Chilendar has been made here. The village took an active part in the April Uprising from the year of 1876.Many famous Bulgarian public, political and cultural figures were born and lived in the village of Jeravna – Rayno Popovich, Vasil D. Stoyanov, Sava Filaretov, Todor Ikonomov, Yordan Yovkov, and others. The times of unique flourish from the past have been preserved in the local museums The Sava Filaretov House, The Yordan Yovkov House, St. Nicolaus Church (Sv. Nykola), the old Renaissance school – now a gallery, “The Russy Chorbadzhy House” to name a few. In the Jeravna surroundings one can visit the town of Kotel with its Natural-history Museum, the Galatan School (a famous traditional local weaving technique), The Kyorpeev House, the Kotel Renaissance Museum. In the immediate proximity one can also find the village of Medven with the Zachary Stoyanov museum, the "Blue pond" (Sinya vyr) area, and others.